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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Is there going to be a second series to The Weirn Books? Also, is there any way to support with the books besides buying them? Got all four!
svetlania svetlania Said:

Wow, all four, thanks!! :D  Buying the books is an excellent way to support Nightschool (also casually gifting copies unto unsuspecting friends/enemies/frenemies on their birthday is a clear winner and saves you the headache of choosing a gift), but another good way to support Nightschool is to make sure your Local Libraries have it in their collections.  Just roll up to the front desk all casual-like and innocently inquire if they have this award-winning series on their esteemed shelves. If they do, tell them they’re made of awesome and casually roll on to the next library. If they don’t, look very sad and disappointed that you cannot get access to this award winning series in this particular library, and ask when might it become available.  If you have a dog or a cat that can be trained to look sad and would be willing to accompany you, I’ve found it quadruples the effect and results(*).

To answer the other question—yesss, there will be a second series for Nightschool, it’s just going to take a while to get going, due to several factors.  In meantime, this is what I stare at every day while I draw at my art desk:

(* this statement may or may not be a bold-faced lie >u>)

Thanks very much for reading, here’s hoping I can get back to Nightschool soon!! >.<b



@tsulala: Inktober for 10/19! Ps: finally launching Devil’s Candy on 10/20 at http://devilscandycomic.com … That’s like… soon!!!

Yaaayyy OUR COMIC’S FINALLY UP~~~ (☂▽☂)

YEAAAAH, DEVIL’S CANDY IS LIVE!!  Go feast your eyeballs on rem’s gorgeous art, everyone, go now now noooow: http://www.blackmoontides.com/devilscandycomic/

<3 <3 <3




7 Tips for the 21-Year-Old Me
by Bobby Chiu

When I was a student in college working on my skills as a character designer, I’d had periods where I would sit at my desk working as hard as I could but having little to show for my efforts at the end of the day. I remember sitting there…

Good tips!


Let me link Yall’ to this holy grail.
I present to you Character Design Reference
on [Pintrest] || [Tumblr] || [Twitter] || [Facebook] || [YouTube]

I couldn’t even include all of the reference boards this blog contains on this photoset. That’s right! There’s EVEN MORE! There are pages and pages of them! It is an inspiration treasure trove!
Bookmark this link!
Fill your life with inspiration!

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Akin to an eagle

inspired by the Kalinga (a Philippine tribe) cultural video posted up by pinoy-culture. (video)

how Kalinga women are tough, proud, and dance like a soaring eagle who looks down on earth.






Exercise 26: Shading Gems Results
Check out the results of our Shading Gems exercise here along with the explanation to create your own HERE!

I love this tutorial SO MUCH.




Always reblog. Always always.

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“Do what you love” disguises the fact that being able to choose a career primarily for personal reward is a privilege, a sign of socioeconomic class. Even if a self-employed graphic designer had parents who could pay for art school and co-sign a lease for a slick Brooklyn apartment, she can bestow DWYL as career advice upon those covetous of her success.

If we believe that working as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur or a museum publicist or a think-tank acolyte is essential to being true to ourselves, what do we believe about the inner lives and hopes of those who clean hotel rooms and stock shelves at big-box stores? The answer is: nothing.

Do what you love, love what you do: An omnipresent mantra that’s bad for work and workers. (via bakcwadrs)

a couple of other quotes from the article i really like:

According to this way of thinking, labor is not something one does for compensation but is an act of love. If profit doesn’t happen to follow, presumably it is because the worker’s passion and determination were insufficient. Its real achievement is making workers believe their labor serves the self and not the marketplace


Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life! Before succumbing to the intoxicating warmth of that promise, it’s critical to ask, “Who, exactly, benefits from making work feel like nonwork?” “Why should workers feel as if they aren’t working when they are?” In masking the very exploitative mechanisms of labor that it fuels, DWYL is, in fact, the most perfect ideological tool of capitalism. If we acknowledged all of our work as work, we could set appropriate limits for it, demanding fair compensation and humane schedules that allow for family and leisure time.

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When I walk into a church, I only see paintings of white angels. Why?- Eartha Kitt 

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Kids: Considering becoming an animator or director in animation? Start animating and storyboarding now. But here’s a selection of books that you might wanna keep with you. 



Woven branch circular arch, Langholm, Dumfriesshire, April 1986

#andy goldsworthy   #sculpture   #nature


one of my favorite things about hiking is when i come across a strange structure deep in the woods and am left to wonder how and why and when

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Rise From Ashes

Every story begins somewhere. In this case, the story begins with…a fairy tale.

Thought I’d put up the first four pages of my webcomic on tumblr. Please share! You can see the rest at http://ashes.clockworkhands.com

This looks amazing, Madeleine!!


Animation hopefuls/ students, listen up…



Right now, Sparkler Monthly, an American manga-inspired comics anthology magazine put out by Chromatic Press is having it’s two-year membership drive.  If you follow my Twitter, you’ll know I was blowing it up last night talking about how important it is for American artists with an anime-aesthetic to support publishers that actually publish OEL manga and American anime inspired comics.

Some of my favorite American artists got their start in TokyoPop’s Rising Stars of Manga contest, and these were the artists I looked up to when I decided to go into comics myself.  Unfortunately for me, TokyoPop had sorta fouled the water with abusive contracts and poor marketing, so when it went under, nobody wanted to publish OEL or anime-inspired comics.  This meant that many artists with an anime influenced style who weren’t already published had difficulty attracting paying comic work, especially since manga-inspired styles developed a stigma as being a ‘copycat’ of Japanese manga, rather than taking influence from.  Many artists still find it difficult to find professional work, and many have difficulty finding receptive publishers for their pitches. In my opinion, this is why it’s so important to support a publication like Sparkler and a publisher like Chromatic Press.

This is a publisher that actively publishes OEL manga and manga inspired comics.  This is a publisher that publishes comics aimed at women and girls specifically.  At Chromatic Press, we aren’t a happy bycatch.  We’re the intended audience.

Maybe you’re an American artist with an anime influenced style who’s never had difficulty finding work, finding an audience, paying the bills utilizing the style you’ve cultivated over the years.  You’ve never doubted that your audience will find your work, since your reach was extended with the aid of influential friends or a publisher to promote your work.  Maybe you don’t personally need a publication like Sparkler to exist for you to make ends meet, you don’t need it as a professional goal.  Perhaps you’ve never had difficulty gaining the respect of your peers, and people have always taken you seriously as a comic artist.

You should still consider supporting Sparkler in order to check out talent, new and old.  You should consider signal boosting their Membership Drive Tweets and posts, to introduce your own fans to this publication and to the artists within.  

If Sparkler doesn’t gain enough new members, if Chromatic Press doesn’t see enough sales, they’ll fold just like many of the other publishers who’ve focused on OEL manga.  They wont fold because of a lack of talent, skill, or drive, but because they didn’t get enough support.  Not enough people know about Sparkler Magazine, not enough aspiring creators realize what it’s taken artists like myself years to realize- the market you enjoy as a professional stems from the market you supported while still learning.  If you enjoy manga inspired comics, like OEL manga, or want to see more American shoujo comics, you should support Sparkler in any way you can.

Reblog the hell out of this! Go support them! I recently got a one year subscription! Even just a one month trial means a lot.

Please take the time to spread the word about Sparkler Monthly!

I am a paying Sparkler subscriber and already own several of their print editions, because a) they’ve got exciting new stuff I haven’t seen before and b) they’re building a new publishing avenue for us creators and That Is Amazing and Doesn’t Happen Often because it’s frikking HARD. They need bricks so they can keep building, so if you are a part of the culture, it’s in Your Interests that they be able to continue this!

Feast your eyes on all the stuff they have and then join usssss:


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