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24-year-old photographer Asher Svidensky recently traveled to west Mongolia with the intention of documenting the lives of traditional Kazakh eagle hunters, people who tame eagles for the purpose of hunting smaller animals.

With the traditions typically laying in the hands of the boys and the men, the biggest surprise throughout the journey was Svidensky’s discovery of a young eagle huntress, 13-year-old Ashol Pan, the daughter of an experienced eagle hunter. These stunning photographs symbolize the potential future of the eagle hunting tradition as it expands beyond a male-only practice.


HH:  So beautiful.

Asker chickahdee Asks:
Do you have any advice for keeping up with comics while working a daytime job? I tried asking other people but I ended up getting "if you really love comics you'll just do it" which didn't seem very helpful. How do you budget your time? I really want to keep updating my comics every week, but work has just killed me, and my queue is just about up.
svetlania svetlania Said:


Disclaimer: I don’t have a long commute to my day job, and I work there 40-45 hours a week. I also don’t have children. I typically put in about 30 to 40 hours a week on TJ & Amal; however, TJ&A pages tend to take a lot longer to produce than most comics due to the way they’re put together.

Anyway, I budget my time like so: one weeknight and one weekend morning off per week. Weekday evenings I come home from work, take a few minutes to rest, then eat dinner, walk the dogs, attempt to clean, then work on the comic until about midnight. I also use my lunch breaks during the work week for scripting and thumbnailing.

I require 2 or 3 days’ notice before anything social; if I’m going to skip comic work one evening I need to make up for it in advance on other days. 

One thing that’s really helped is this: I have a little kitchen timer that stays on my drafting table — I set it for 25 or 30 minutes, then when it goes off I take a short break to stretch, do sit-ups, get water, step outside, go to the bathroom, whatever. Then come back and set it for another 25-30 minutes. This keeps me from zoning out in the first 6-8 hours of studio work. (Around hour 9, though, it’s kind of a lost cause.)

Anyway, while this regimen has proven effective in getting the comic done, I can’t say whether I’d recommend it to others. I’ve got back and sciatic nerve trouble, plus memory problems due to prolonged sleep deprivation. I’ve gained weight and gotten out of shape, especially over the past 3 months while I try to get the book to press in time. My marriage has been strained at times. My house and garden are a dirty mess. I’ve been a bad friend and disappointing family member.

I guess the next few months will show if it was all worth it.


A little behind the scenes look of the early stages of Green Lantern the Animated Series.

My eternal gratitude to everyone who helped prove the doubters wrong.

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Illustrations by Dark134

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This is a painting I did for my little cousin who will soon be going through a bone marrow transplant. I hope that every time she looks at it she will feel brave and strong.”

Qavah the Brave by ~Wes-Talbott


Contemporary Art Week!



Women of Steel

deep, heavy breathing

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Lemony Snicket

GPOY. (My to-read pile spans multiple bookcases ;;;OTZ)

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If you can pronounce correctly every word in this poem, you will be speaking English better than 90% of the native English speakers in the world.

After trying the verses, a Frenchman said he’d prefer six months of hard…

Read more than you write. In expressing the ambition to be a writer, you are committing yourself to the community of other writers. Your originality will mean nothing unless you can understand the originality of others. What we call originality is little more than the fine blending of influences.

Be ruthless in your use of what you’ve seen and what you’ve experienced. Add your imagination, so that where invention ends and reality begins is undetectable.

Be courageous. Nothing human should be far from you.

I’ve never seen the Icarus story as a lesson about the limitations of humans. I see it as a lesson about the limitations of wax as an adhesive.


Science-inspired necklaces from the Delftia Etsy store

… I require these in my life.  REQUIRE.

also, heavy breathing, longing glances, etc.

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this is amazing ////O____O////

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
If I might, then, I strongly recommend the book "Convict Conditioning" and it's sequel under the same name. Don't let the synopsis or the somewhat overblown presentation fool you, though, it's easily the single best guide to healthy workouts I've ever seen. In fact, for a brief summary, you can just check the title on Google Images to see some of the progression exercises. The problem you're having isn't abnormal. Basically overworking = too much muscle damage = re-building instead of building.
svetlania svetlania Said:

Huh!  Interesting, thanks for the rec :)